Terms & Conditions

We are JustGirls a New Zealand Online Escorts Directory and your agreement with us is formed in New Zealand and subject to the laws applicable there. By offering to advertise and list with us you agree to the terms and conditions which follow and which may be updated from time to time, we recommend that you review the terms at least once per calendar month so that you are always aware of the basis upon which your advertising and listing with us continues. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you should stop using JustGirls, Escorts & Adult Business Entertainment Directory – New Zealand.

  1. Eligibility

    You must be 18 years old. By advertising with www.justgirls.co.nz you are confirming that you are at least 18 years old and have read, understood, and agree to all of the Terms and Conditions set out in this agreement. If you reside in a country which has a legal age of over 18 years e.g. 21 years; the laws and age restrictions of your country of residence will apply.

  2. Advertising

    JustGirls reserves the right to refuse any advertiser or advertisement.

    In order to advertise your services or business, with us you must first Register and Login as a member and create a Profile. You should review and where necessary update your profile on a regular interval.

  3. Your personal details

    All information you submit, including photos, video and personal details. By submitting this information, you agree to authorise us to publish display and promote use this information in any way, in any page or link on our website and other associated websites, including but not limited to introduction or featured pages, links and banners; together with any adverts we place in any other media, electronic or printed, TV, Radio, or websites and all other details required to promote your services and to allow you to participate in our directory.

  4. Your responsibility

    You are only responsible for the content of your personal pages that you submit/ create. It is your responsibility to keep your membership login username and password secure. We are not responsible for any unauthorised access to your personal membership pages using your login and password. You must also ensure that your content is lawful and appropriate at all times.

  5. All photos and videos must be of yourself

    or in the case of an agency your escorts, genuine and over 18 years old. We reserve the right to remove any photos, or videos or to remove your pages in total, if we receive any complaints of any nature or have reason to believe that you are using fake or under age pictures or videos. Please review the JustGirls Picture Policy

  6. User-Generate Content

    All content, adverts and information you submit including pictures and videos are subject to our approval and we reserve the right to refuse to accept or publish any picture, video or other content, at any time, without reason.

  7. Security

    We will attempt to keep your information secure on our servers and not disclose this to any third party other that in the normal course of operation or where required by law. It is understood that any user of this site may access, download or copy or print any of the information, links to your own website, images, videos etc. That you make available on your advertising pages as this will be available to anyone accessing the site by Internet.

  8. Copyright Material

    You warrant that you will not submit any material, images or videos that are subject to Copyright Trademark or Model Release, without the required authority to do so. We reserve the right to remove any material that we believe may be contravening any such law.

  9. LegaL

    You agree to release and indemnify JustGirls from all legal actions and/or monetary settlements arising from you using any material or content in your advertisement. You are wholly liable for any and all legal or monetary ramifications arising including but not limited to matters where you provide us with unlicensed images, material or content.

  10. Website usage

    You use and or advertise on this web site at your own risk. We do not make any representations or give any warranties as to content or non-infringement of any content published on or available through our site. We give no warranties as to availability or downtime due to internet or technical problems, Virus, hacking or any other reason whatsoever. In the event that a claim or action is brought against us. You agree to release and indemnify us from all claims, liability and damages arising from or in any way related to the claim or action or complaints made by other parties against you.

  11. Promotions

    We may at anytime via email send you marketing media materials in the form of offers, profile advertisements, and promotions. An opt-out will be available to you, if you no longer wish to receive promotional material. These offers are at the discretion of JustGirls and may be withdrawn at any time. If you have received such a free offer and are taking advantage of this free service, we reserve right to give you 7 days notice of the expiry of the free period and offer you a continued service at a fee to be advised. At that time you may accept the new fees or adjust your advert to any fee structure we offer and continue to advertise on JustGirls, or agree to your add and or profile being removed.

  12. Payment

    Paid adverts and or profiles must be paid for by Credit card, bank transfer, online bank transfer in advance. JustGirls reserve the right to remove any listing, add or profile if the relevant fee has not been paid. Payment can be either weekly, monthly/quarterly, bi-annual, or annually. Notice can be given to cancel your advertising at the expiry of any prepaid period.

  13. Website Service

    While JustGirls endeavors to ensure that, this web site is normally available 24 hours a day. We do not guarantee that it will be uninterrupted or error free. Access to this web site may be suspended without notice, in the case of Internet interruptions, system failure, maintenance or repair or for reasons beyond our control. Neither JustGirls nor any of its employees warrant that the functions contained in the service will be error-free. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the service remains with you.

  14. Applicable Law

    The Law of New Zealand applies to this agreement and anything arising. It is your responsibility alone to insure that your conduct is lawful at all times. You submit with us to the jurisdiction of courts of appropriate monetary jurisdiction to hear matters of dispute arising out of this agreement you must also ensure that all things you may do elsewhere are lawful where you do them and release and indemnify us in all respects in this regards.

  15. Terms and Conditions subject to change.

    We reserve the right to change add to or remove from these terms and conditions when and as in our opinion it is necessary or appropriate and such changes, additions or subtractions will not separately be notified to you. Rather The Terms and Conditions will appear on this site as and when updates are available for you to consider and confirm when reviewing and or updating your profile calendar months as required. It is your responsibility alone to ensure that you are always aware of the current Terms and Conditions to which you have agreed by continuing to use this site.

Last updated: 28 March 2012