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new zealand escort employment

Are you an adventurous, outgoing, & confident? Do you love going out, social events, & meeting new people?

Work as an escort in NEW ZEALAND & AUSTRALIA.

–Agency / Independent

–Travel NZ & Australia

–Flexible working hours

–Discretion is KEY

–You'll be spoiled!


Lavish Lifestyle!

If this sounds like it could be you
and you're 18 yrs or older
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webcam model employment

If you’re outgoing, have a PC with a webcam, and love to show off your sexy side, then you're ready to get started.

Work as a webcam model from YOUR BEDROOM.

–Work as you want

–From your own bedroom

–Control who you interact with

–Need a PC & a webcam

–Remain 100% anonymous

Earn up to $100 AN HOUR being yourself

Be yourself & earn

If this sounds like it could be you
and you're 18 yrs or older
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pornstar employment

We can offer you all of the connections that you’ll need in order to get offers from the industry immediately.

Work as an adult film star on THE BLUESCREEN.

–The Biggest Industry

–Travel the World

–The Sex is Great

–You'll be Famous

–Money is GREAT

Earn up to $5,000 PER DAY

Become Famous

If this sounds like it could be you
and you're 18 yrs or older
apply by clicking below.


We understand that an escort position is an acquired taste, and fits the profile of an adventurous, outgoing and confident personality. You need to be assertive at times, but the rewards are beyond your imagination. We require upmarket ladies, with style, good mannerisms and who can create a little adventure. Thinking outside the box, and able to provide a pleasurable time by using initiative. Being spontaneous, adventurous and having sex appeal goes a long way in our company.

If you love going out and meeting new people, have the look and the body to go with it, then this is the ideal job for you. If you are an outgoing person, you will come to realize that many locals, business people and travellers– spend their time alone or are looking for the right partner. Business people find themselves forced by circumstance to spend time alone; Visitors and travellers to New Zealand love exploring the nightlife, but women especially are apprehensive about venturing out alone. Having a gorgeous well groomed and beautiful escort by their side can make for an enjoyable evening, for both them and yourself.

Being part of JustGirls can provide a very lucrative way of utilising your spare time. Become an Escort and you can make an excellent living whilst having fun. JustGirls can place you within an escort job that will allow you to simply enjoy a pleasant evening meal or a trip to the theatre amongst many other social events. Work as an Escort and you will find it to be interesting, fun, and VERY REWARDING! Let out the inner vixen in you, show that wild side, and be the fun, sexy woman you know you are.

If you’re unclear about anything, email [email protected] or to create an escort profile, register to JustGirls.


Being a webcam model is one of the few jobs where you can make easy money from the comfort of your own home while having fun! Many people are now able to pursue their interests with a lot of ease because of the rapid growth in technology. The internet has taken a lot of careers to a whole new level and it is important to point out that modelling is a perfect example of such careers. Models can actually make a lot of money from webcam modelling as long they are able to satisfy all types of clients by having the right attitude and aptitude. There are some clients that are very difficult to impress and it is therefore very important for webcam models to be very patient and comfortable if they want to reap maximum benefits. You will be required to control numerous rough clients in the course of your career as a webcam model and that is why your attitude is very important. There are some acts that may require you to be seductive and bold, so having an adventurous side to your personality would play in your favour. We are looking for girls who can give a confident performance regardless of the circumstances under which you are performing. You should be impish, pleasant, sexy and flirty because these are some of the major characteristics of a successful webcam model.

The other interesting thing about webcam modelling is that it does not have a lot of requirements. You only need to 18 years of age, smart and good looking with an outgoing sex appeal, and you are set to become a webcam model. Webcam modelling involves live interaction with clients in front of a camera and that is why you should be very bold and confident. You should be confident enough to complete your act in front of a camera and this will definitely make things easy for you.

If you feel you fit the criteria, if you love modelling and have a little wild sexy streak inside you, call JustGirls today and sign up for an exciting career in Webcam Modelling.

If you’re unclear about anything, email [email protected] or to create an escort profile, register to JustGirls.


For someone who doesn’t want a typical nine-to-five job then the adult industry could be for you. No day is the same in the adult industry – and you get to meet an interesting mix of people and have a lot of fun at the same time as earning fantastic money! If you have a wild side just dying to break out and be seen, this is the perfect opportunity for you. In this industry, there are thousands of erotic film applicants waiting to get their face on the camera. As one of the biggest industries in the world, the demand of new actors is increasing but most producers require a list of criteria. All applications are considered at JustGirls.

We are looking for ladies with the personality which shows through, who aren’t afraid to let go and be themselves on camera. We need a diverse range of actors, from erotic photography to hard-core movies. Our client base is widely varied, so there is an audience for every fetish. Women are in great demand for a variety of looks and beyond being over 18, they need to really enjoy sex and be comfortable with their own bodies. You can express your sexuality on screen and makes money doing something you really good at.

Most of people seem to think that you need to be attractive to be in porn. That's not really the case. There are a lot of fetish niches that need to be filled (flat, glasses, big/small, etc.).

We will place you with producers and agencies directly, so begin your adult film acting career now, make your dreams a reality.

If you’re unclear about anything, email [email protected] or to create an escort profile, register to JustGirls.