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Antonia Spanish


The nature of this profession puts strain and limitations on the personal lives of escorts, weighing on their family and romantic relationships, adding in a component of monk-like isolation to the mix. Sure people will call you a slut or a prostitute and assume that you are a disease-ridden drug addict. Well, f&^k them. Being an escort gives you the opportunity to meet all kinds of people, go to all sorts of places and events while getting paid for it. So, in salute to the personal sacrifices escorts make to perform their jobs, putting their clients’ needs and desires before theirs, here’s why clients are better than boyfriends:

Let’s face it girls, most of the time boyfriends are pretty shitty and don’t give a crap about dragging your heart across town while you run behind them picking up their dirty laundry.

16 reasons why clients are better than boyfriends

  • Clients have to behave and treat you like a human being. Otherwise they risk getting blacklisted and internal bleeding.
  • Good clients buy you presents and trinkets, spoiling you which, let’s face it ladies, boyfriends never do enough of.
  • There are no bad consequences to speaking your mind. No one is going to dump you.
  • The sex is obligation free. No guilt, no pressure. In fact, sometimes the sex is better because you don’t have any built up resentment towards the person you’re having sex with.
  • The sex is highly varied. You get to learn about and explore your own sexuality with other people, without feeling guilty, or worry, about cheating.
  • You don’t have to deal with someone else’s emotional baggage.
  • You don’t have to cook for your clients or listen to them snore.
  • You have your own space.
  • Clients tell you who they need you to be, boyfriends expect you to divine this out of thin air, like a f%^king genie.
  • You don’t have to deal with an over-bearing mother-in-law.
  • You get to make people feel good, amazing, loved, blow their minds.
  • Sexual validation from multiple clients instead of just one man can really boost that self-esteem.
  • You don’t have to deal with his annoying beer buddies.
  • Clients don’t stand you up, and if they do, they pay.
  • You get to be a trophy on a man’s sleeve, which is actually pretty awesome sometimes.
  • You get the WHOLE bed to yourself.

The decoupling of sex from love, for women, which in traditional Western society has been viewed as immoral, is actually incredibly liberating.

For the first time in Western history women have the opportunity to separate sex and love and to explore the two as distinct entities. Where before sex, love and marriage were all intrinsically linked, women are now free to combine these ideals and test them out, as they see fit.

Before World War II, marriage was a profession for women, you had to marry to secure your future because you weren’t allowed to be educated or hold a proper job, have a bank account or own property. Any socially acceptable sex women had was part of the love-marriage deal, not something fun and enjoyable. Having an affair could be life threatening, especially in a time when contraception and abortion were banned.

While men have been able to shoot up in a girl and then walk away since the dawn of the dick, women have always been on the shit end of the stick holding all the risk, and burden of pregnancy and sin.

The advent of The Pill, legalisation of abortion and increased condom use since the late ‘70s has emancipated women from their own wombs, allowing them to dictate the path their lives will take, to be more than some man’s accessory, improving their quality of life.

Finally sex can just be sex for women too

As an escort, your job is to be charming, sexy, confidant and be great in the sack, of course. A large part of what men enjoy about sex is when the woman lets loose and shows she is having a good time. Historically, and depressingly, this is new territory. In fact, only after the ‘50s was the exhibition of pleasure during sex by women considered normal and desirable (prior to this orgasms were considered a type of severe hysteria), even in married relationships.

Today, thankfully, things have moved forward and women can do whatever the f#%k they want.

The dating game is tough for a girl, rejection hurts and the older you get, the more pressure there is to make relationships work from family, friends and society. Since Ever, girls have been brought up with the idea that they need a man to complete them. But, being an escort flips this notion on its head because now not only do men want you, but they are willing to sit, stay, roll over and pay you for it. As an independent escort you have your choice of men to pick without having to compromise you boundaries, which you determine. You are a scintillating sex goddess that people worship and make pilgrimages to, instead of a desperate, broody, maid. You are in control of your own sexuality, andd you are free.

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