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Maximum Enjoyment

When having sex, using sexual positions that work best for you is always recommended, but there are 3 positions that are simple and don’t need complicated diagrams or flexibility to accomplish. These top 3 sex positions are easy to master and have been proven to give the most enjoyment and pleasure during sex:

Doggy Style

This sex position is when your partner is kneeling down and you take her from behind. It’s uncomplicated and easy to try, and the reason why it’s so pleasurable is that it allows you to be in the perfect position to use all your thrusting power and also puts pressure on a woman’s g-spot. This creates more friction and pleasure for the both of you.

The Over-Head

This is an adaptation of the missionary position. The girl lies face up, and places her legs up and over your shoulders or crosses them behind your head. This position gives you great space to move and also opens up the girl’s pelvic floor so that it moves better with your motion and allows more areas to be simulated.

The Criss-cross

This position is the most relaxed and great for prolonging pleasure which makes it very popular. The girl lies flat on her back, and you lie on your side beside her, she then swings her legs together over your thigh or hip. When penetrating her from the side, you cause the perfect subtly stimulation that creates a slow tension, this causes the best climaxes during sex.

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