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Antonia Spanish


Sometimes as escorts start out in this field of work, it's not possible to spend money for a portfolio of glamorous photos that you can use for your escort advertising. Instead, use modern day technology that you have available to you. No, it doesn't have to be an iPhone. It can be a smartphone or a normal digi-cam, or even a web cam.

A 'selfie' is understood to be a photo of yourself, usually by stretching out your arm with the intention of sharing via social media. Who hasn't taken selfies nowadays.

The problem is that when you start taking selfies, things can go horribly wrong, you can lose your patience with the results of the photos, and the whole process becomes counter-productive.

Here are some valuable tips for glamour selfie success:

1. Angles are a must

Extend your arm, and hold your phone at a 45 degree angle. This eliminates the chances of showing a double-chin, and creates a slim-looking, trim image of your selfie!

2. Don't be a Goose

The whole 'stick-out-your-lips' pose is well-overrated and despised around the internet. Don't pretend to be a goose ! Slap on your most natural, sexy smile, and let your personality shine.

3. Background Check

Make sure you double-check what's behind you. The last thing you want is a stunning selfie, with embarrassing or personal 'things' in the background. Look for somewhere, with flat and plain coloured walls.

4. Portray Confidence, be assertive

There's no need to be uncomfortable or shy when taking a selfie. This is ALL about you!
There's nobody in the room, nobody watching you trying to take sexy photos - so remember to let loose and have heaps of fun, it'll show in the photo.

5. Go to Turtle

Stand up straight, and extend your neck upward, and then bring it down just a tad. Lean a bit forward and look up toward the camera if you're sitting.

6. Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Mirrors are great, especially the full-length ones. They allow you to see the shot, angle, etc. from head to toe. Experiment with different angles and different poses. Mirrors are great!

7. Light up your photo

There's nothing worse in a photo that a flash or a double-flash. Natural light is by far the best light source you will find. If you're taking a selfie during the day, make sure the sun (natural source of light) is behind the camera. If at night, make sure the light source (eg. a light) is above your face. If it's below, you might get a horror-movie effect... if that's what you're going for.

8. Dress to impress

You are at your most comfortable when you are wearing something you love, something familiar to you. Your body will naturally go into a pose  that radiates confidence and this will help you look even more amazing!

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