Antonia Spanish, Escort in Auckland

Antonia Spanish


Watch your drinking!

You like to know when your having a good time, right? Keep a clear head and make sound decisions. Most bad-one night stands are result of excessive drinking. Women, don't find drunkenness attractive either. Alcohol can have a negative impact on your performance and all and all results in a sloppy shag.

Always have protection

This is a must for casual sex. STD's are spread as quick as legs are spread these days, so its vital that you protect yourself and others. Birth control is not an alternative to condoms. Your main concern may be pregnancy. STD's  are real and can easily be prevented.


If you're going to be bringing home a girl, make sure your place is clean. Chicks aren't into mess, and it won't say much about you as a person! You've brought her home to make a mess between your bed sheets, so make sure everything is clean.

Or even better, go to her place. Chances are that she'll feel more comfortable there and you can bounce before dawn.

How to pick up

Women generally like to be seduced and pursued into bed, however in the one-night stand world. Most of us actually prefer to play the seductress. Taking advantage of a man for a change. Kicking the stigma that women can't have one night stands in the ass. So let her chat you up instead, let take the lead and call the shots.

Look good

In the game of one-night stands, a girl will judge you by your looks. So make sure you look the party. Dress stylish and be "cool". Remember to use direct eye contact, smile and before you know it. Vola! Then all you have to do is respond when she flirts.

A few don'ts

Small talk is boring. Replace that with compliments instead. No spanking, backdoor entry, kinky toys or weird positions or anything weird for that matter (unless she makes a specific request), other wise the standard stuff will do. Rubbing, licking, stroking, enthusiasm, squeezing, sucking and moaning.

Go on, go have yourself a bit of fun!

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