Antonia Spanish, Escort in Auckland

Antonia Spanish



In order for a woman to have a mind-blowing orgasm, you need to stimulate her properly. It’s a fact that the more foreplay you engage in, the more intense her orgasm will be. Touching her all over helps to get her engaged, but neck kissing is a great way to get the blood flowing, rubbing her breasts helps to get her in the mood, and gently touching her pubic area and clitoris helps to direct the blood to the right place and get her thinking about sex.

Holding Off

Holding off on penetration and teasing her will cause her to become more aroused. It also causes more blood to rush to her pubic area, and yours. The more blood pumping down there, the more you will truly feel it when you and her reach your climatic moment during sex. So before you enter her, make sure that she is fully wet and ready, the more natural lubrication she creates, the more she is aroused and wants you.

Never Rush It

Once you’ve penetration her, make sure not to hurry up; you’ve taken your time to get to this point, so now it’s time to take a little longer. Change your pace; move faster and then slower again. If it feels like you’re about to peak or she shows signs she’s about to orgasm, pull back lightly or change sexual positions to stimulate a different area. This’ll both have her gasping for more, and prolonging her climax will ensure that she is properly simulated before she peaks, causing you both to feel tired, sweaty and satisfied once the perfect orgasm hits.

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