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What is your identity?

Your identity involves everything from your name, to your address, to your phone number and your social media accounts. All those pictures posted on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google+ reveal a lot about you. Your web page also gives info on who you are.

Also, everyone is socially active and constantly in touch with people around them, be it neighbors, colleagues or people you met in the club last night. You have a family, your parents, your grandparents, your kids and your husband. So it all boils down to the fact that your identity is what other people know about you or can find about you.

You have decided to work as Escort in New Zealand, you should be aware of the fact that your past cannot be changed but can only be kept under wraps, away from the world. Your present is something which you are in control of and your future is based on the choices that you make today.

The Audience

Most escorts get clients by advertising. You need to be aware that you can chose a client through advertising but you cannot choose who will read your ad and who will not. It is very important to know that today your information is accessible to far more people than it was a decade ago. Your family may not check the web frequently, but your friends may, and so there are chances that they get to know about your work through a click of a button.

All your ads on the Internet are being indexed by Google and being stored, along with your pictures. So your name may crop up when someone is looking for sscorts or companions in a given place and suddenly, without your knowledge, you are searchable around the globe.

If you are using your actual name and your picture you can be easily tracked by anyone. Here again, the choice is all yours.

Taking Control of your Profile

You may feel that it does not matter if your profile is public, but it may matter to you later on in life. Any info on the Internet can be accessed by anyone years later, as well. Moreover, your friends, family and associates may not like the idea of you being so open about your work. So it is always good to avoid using your real name in this business. Also, using middle name or any words related to your identity should be refrained from. Remember that your clients do not care what name you have, it’s all about the service you provide.

Avoid advertising with websites that exploit escorts! Don’t let advertisers bully you!

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EscortsDirectory of NZ – Professional & Reliable directory that will help you get business!

AdultSpace – another alternative to the current market leaders, with options to advertise on The NZ Truth (a printed newspaper)

Don’t fall victim to exploitation! Read between the lines.

What Name to Choose

The golden rule is that the name that you select should not be related to your real name and also it is good to not have a normal name. Your first name should be something simple, followed by an action or quality, as your last name. There are ample of simple names like Christy, Sophie, Katie, Amber which you can couple with nouns, attributes and actions like Grace, Slide, Fall and Knight etc. The name that you choose should sound good to you and also it could be something that you find easy to respond to.

So you can get a full name which does not give out anything about your true identity. You can easily use this name as an escort brand to go ahead and get promoted. However, avoid using crude actions in your name like Christly Anal, which may land you in a soup!

How to use Technology in your favor

Get a phone. Now, since you need a contract you require ID and the phone will end up getting registered in your real name. It is traceable but the task isn’t that easy. Phone contracts cannot be accessed by the public in general. Your records can be revealed only if there is a Court order or you have friends in the company, so you need not be worried.

There’s a great variety of low-to-high level Smartphones available in NZ. It can make your life as an escort much simpler as you can easily co-ordinate with your clients via mails, text messages and calls.

Preferably, you should opt for a number that is unlisted and keep that phone solely for your business. Never receive personal calls on this number. Running two phones is a bit costly but it’s the price you must pay to keep your professional and personal life away from each other.

After this, set up an email account. There are a plethora of opportunities to get promoted on Google, so it is always better.

Be sure to keep in mind that the email and the phone number you set up should be your escort number and name. Setting a distinctive ringtone and turning the phone off when you are visiting your family and close friends is advisable.

It’s advisable that if by chance you lose your phone or it’s stolen, each detail in your phone carries the risk of getting exposed. So it is better to protect your phone with a pass code to avoid a casual glance through your phone by a friend, family member, or a random stranger.

Better yet, put a pass code on your phone’s screen. It is possible to encrypt your entire escort phone. Apple and Android Smartphones give you the option to encrypt the contents of your phone. It might be a hassle entering two passwords every time. But it’s a small price to pay in comparison to having your privacy ruined because you left your phone in a restaurant where you accompanied your client last night.

Don’t be your privacy’s biggest enemy

Your friends may notice that you are carrying two phones and may think that something is fishy. So you should know how to answer them when they inquire.

You should come up with a story that is broad enough to cover things up when the client calls you. At times you may have to cancel a date for an “appointment” or your friends might take notice of the fact that you have more cash than you usually have. It is good to avoid telling your story unless required. Also, people close to you, will not pry unless you give them a reason to. So the key here is to not go overboard and keep things simple.

If you are living a lavish lifestyle as a student, people around you are going to raise their eyebrows. In this business, you may suddenly disappear for hours at a stretch, so your friends are likely to inquire about your whereabouts. It is good to tell your friends that you are doing a part time job, which keeps you busy as this explains the long hours that you spend away from them and also the extra cash that you are making. For example, you can tell your close ones that you are someone’s personal assistant, or a consultant and you have to be on call. The thing that should be kept in mind while deciding a part-time job, is that you should be able to cover-up all the issues that may crop up when you are escorting.

Don’t disclose much to Clients

Clients are not quite interested in knowing your personal details, especially if you are meeting them for the first time. There are certain routine questions like how you landed up in this business and these are easy to answer. Just tell them that you like to make quick cash in limited hours and this will silence them. Your regular clients however, are likely to know more about you, simply because you spend more time with them. There are no issues with it, but you should be aware while disclosing any detail because he may stalk you later or may want to get something more than what you have to offer.

The big dissimilarity between an escort’s nosy regular client and other people in general is that he knows what your business is and where you carry it out. Now, if you do not offer your services from a routine place, your whereabouts are of no use to him. However, if you offer your services from a dedicated place or your own home, you should be more cautious.

Here again your cover story will come to your rescue. Also, you can use the same cover story, which you told your closed ones. If your client tries to run this story down, he’ll hit the same dead end which tricks your friends and family, if it is purely fictitious. If you are really working somewhere else during the day you can use that as your cover but never make the cardinal sin of divulging any details to your client.

Your work place – even if it is your house – should be completely free of your personal items – like pictures of family and friends, phone numbers, a personal computer, medicines in your bathroom cabinet – all divulge too much info to a curious client.

Setting firm Limits

You should be aware of the fact that the client is availing of services from you in exchange of money and this gives them no reason to peek into your personal life. So there should be no obligation to disclose personal details.

You should be fully prepared to draw the line. When someone asks you something which you do not want to disclose then be straightforward and let him know that you do not discuss your boyfriend, family, work, city of origin and the likes, with clients. If he still tries to poke his nose, then you need to firmly insist that you are not a game for personal talks, as your privacy means a lot to you. The discussion is likely to end here. So the key to maintain your privacy is to be friendly but firm at the same time.

Have an Alternate Plan

You should be prepared well in advance for tricky situations that are a part and parcel of this business. You may be having a cozy dinner with a client, who is your father’s age and suddenly you may see your dad sitting in the same restaurant. Now imagine another situation, where your friend picks up your client’s call, when you are not around.

If you have not thought of these situations before, you may get into a pickle. Having an alternate plan will bail you out from these tough situations. The first thing that you should do, is to chill and don’t think about all the explanations.

If you run into your dad, while dining out with a client, just prepare the client beforehand for an unexpected encounter. Tell him, that in case both of you, run into friendly faces, your client will be “Your boss Mr. George whom you have been assisting in online marketing”. It just takes a minute to tell this cover-up story to the client and it saves you from a lot of hassle and awkward situations as being in this business, you may encounter anyone, from your dad to your client’s wife.

Also if your friend answers the phone on your behalf, you would be saved if you do not use your real name. If your client asks for someone called “Christy Fall” your friend may think it is a wrong number. In case, the client calls your number again he will get the same response. You can then cover it up by telling your friend that off late you have been getting calls from some ‘jerk’ who thinks you are Christy Fall.

So the takeaway here is that it is extremely important to have a plan B.

Privacy and Caution

Ultimately, what you are doing is a private thing between you and your client.
Just as your clients expect discretion, you expect privacy.

At the same time, you should put your best foot forward to keep your personal and professional life at bay.

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