Antonia Spanish, Escort in Auckland

Antonia Spanish


Get licking gentlemen

Before rushing into oral simulation take in mind that oral sex has foreplay too just like sex! Kissing, caressing and teasing around areas of the vagina is as important as the main event. You can arouse a woman to a high degree by playing this game perfectly enough to get her to push you to give her more. How? Simple gents! Lick her erogenous zone around her vagina using light strokes of your tongue keeping your jaw relaxed.

Viva la fore-oral!

Labia love

Once you’ve warmed her up , remember don’t dive in. A woman’s most sensitive area is the outer edges of her outer lips her, labia. Grab the labia of your girl gently with your lips and then start making movements with your tongue moving from the outer to inner labia. She will start writhing with pleasure and you will get a chance to show your potential as a lover. Get spreading gents!

Hold up!

Hold off as much as you can on physical contact with the clit, even if you simply kiss around it. Concentrate on the hood of the clitoris. The built up pleasure will cause the sweetest sighs and moans you’ve heard.

Know your ABC’s

This is the oldest tip in the book, and if you’re not already doing this step, where have you been? Trace different letters on and around the clitoris by moving your tongue in different directions increasing the sensation and pleasure for your partner. Start your cursive tongue ties today!

Suck it up!

Now suck, flick and rub her pleasure point and if you don’t already know what exactly I’m referring to, I think scrolling back to the beginning of this article will be highly beneficial for your next oral antics. Remember to change the contractions of your tongue for added stimulation, moving from hard when playing around with the clit and softer when moving around to other areas of the vagina. Listen for reactions, throw in some fingers, hum, make some eye contact and get your face in it! Most importantly know when to carry on and know when to stop! Go on gents, blow her away!

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