Antonia Spanish, Escort in Auckland

Antonia Spanish


Not shaving. Just like you like her to be well groomed, well same applies to you. Don't be a rash!

Twiddling her nipples. Nipples are sensitive and should be handled with care, this isn't a game of cripple-nipple.

Attacking the clitoris. Be gentle and don’t use direct pressure. You've not double clicking a mouse.

Not kissing first. Kissing isn't just something people in love do. Kissing is part of foreplay.

Not disposing of used condoms. Clean up mate!

Nudging her head down. All women hate this. There is an element of desperation involved here when men do this. She's an adult too, she can make bedroom decisions all on her own! Don't be a teenager!

Asking if she has come. If you have to result in actually asking this question, just don't and assume she hasn't and keep trying!

Talking dirty. If she doesn't talk dirty first then, you shouldn't either. Those lines you learnt on College Girls triple XXX are not going to turn her on.

Don’t thank a woman for having sex with you. Thats just weird, as if she just did you a massive favor. She won't come back.

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