Antonia Spanish, Escort in Auckland

Antonia Spanish


Now you’re probably wondering, why would she would fake it in the first place and how is the best way to know she is falsifying her experience. Before you go doubting and judging your “poor” sexual performance. Here’s some reasons women would play pretend and some obvious signs you can look out for to make sure that you’re never put into that situation.

Why do women play pretend?

The most palpable reason would be that she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings if you can’t satisfy her sexually. Which is kind of sweet, but that doesn’t say much for your own performance. Talking about sex may be an uncomfortable subject for most people, for escorts this maybe be an even greyer area to voice opinions, after all you’re paying her for a service.

However, this is becomes tricky because you may be a man who only climaxes by seeing a woman reach full peak and I don’t blame you, sex is a lot of correlated chemical reactions which are meant to be enjoyed from both sides.

Communication is key!

Here’s the most important thing you should know about an orgasming woman! She loses complete control on her body. You will find that she is breathing uncontrollably and her heart rate has gone up significantly. Her nipples become erect and her cheeks become red and flushed. The clitoris becomes swollen and the lips of her vagina darken for a few moments. This happens as blood suddenly rushes in these erogenous zones of her body. Her face becomes contorted and she cannot pretend that she is alright. You may find her vagina contracting to harden the grip over your penis.

If her vagina is as dry as a desert, be sure to know you are not really getting her turned on either, and if she jumps up out of bed to start cooking or cleaning, the chances are that you’ve failed to make her come.

You know you’ve satisfied her if she simply lies in bed to enjoy her own divine exhaustion.

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