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Viva Sexual revolution!

Here's some tips to help you develop anal sex etiquette in the bedroom!

Lube up!

There's no such thing as too much lube. Using lube is a must, as the anus is not a self-lubricating organ like the vagina. Creating a smoother, safer and  more enjoyable experience for both parties.

Wrap up!

The spread of STD's isn't just confined to regular sex, in fact STD's are more likely to be spread during anal. The skin around the anus is a lot finer and more prone to get torn during penetration which allows infections to enter the body.

Anal sex foreplay!

As we previous discussed, even oral sex needs a bit of warming up. Don't just jump in! I suggest playing around the anal area. Stick a lubed up finger in there or even better introduce some toys before the main event. This loosens up the muscles, by gradually dilating them before penis penetration.

Don't force it!

The anus is called the "back door" for a reason - the anus wasn't originally created for penetration. So if it's your first time for both of you, take things slow so things be be comfortable for the both of you. Follow her lead and be respectful. Remember to anal-play!

Don't go back in the front!

Or any other part of the body, such as the mouth! Bum's contain bacteria that can cause infections and discomforts when transferred to other parts of the body. If you keen for more sex afterwards make sure you take shower before inserting it anywhere!

Have fun!

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