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The clitoris of a woman is central to achieving an orgasm. Compared to a male penis, it has more than double the number of nerve endings. This makes it much more sensitive than the penis. In addition, a clitoris has the ability to allow for multiple orgasms.

Let her have it first

Be a gentleman and let your girlfriend, date, escort, or one-night-stand, get the pleasure of an orgasm before you. Women by nature get aroused slowly and later than men. Your girl needs to be aroused for some time by making use of foreplay before she becomes ready for a climax. Her clitoris plays a crucial role in preparing her for an orgasm. This is not just the most sensitive part of her body but also makes it possible for the girl to have multiple orgasms. This is why you need to engage in at least a quarter of an hour in foreplay.

Understand her arousal patterns

Multiple orgasms involve a learning process for you while it is a natural process for your partner. You have to go through a learning process to understand the movements and strokes that arouse your girls and bring her closer to an orgasm. Find the pleasure centers of her body, especially those around her genitals and try to figure out what stimulates her and brings sexual pleasures to her.

Learning to Stimulate

Remember what you have learnt about the anatomy of your partner to make a steady progress in bringing multiple orgasms to her. You can start by stroking the lips of her vagina and then moving outwards to her legs, gently pressing the fleshy part of her body. Come over the hood of the clitoris and make a circular motion for some time.

Analyze her reaction and repeat the procedure to build up the pleasing sensation. Insert a finger inside the vagina when she is sufficiently lubricated but continue to stroke the hood of the clitoris to double the sensation and sexual pleasure of the girl. Make a gesture that you use to ask someone to come close to you with the finger that you have inserted inside her vagina. This action brings the finger closer to the outer wall of the vagina and please her G-spot.

Serving it with your lips

Your tongue can create wonders in terms of arousing your girl. You have to go down to her vagina to give her multiple orgasms. You can start by kissing her vulva and then slowly focus upon the clitoris. You can move your tongue in a circular motion or just up and down depending upon the reaction of the girl. You can change the speed and the pressure and ask your partner about her feelings to decide on the movement of your tongue. Do what makes her feel good as this is a sure way to get closer to her orgasm. You will also need to make a rhythmic pattern with your tongue so as to come closer to multiple orgasms.

Understanding the position of the intercourse

If you want to give multiple orgasms to your girl through sexual intercourse, you have to work through her clitoris only. You have to keep thrusting in and out while keeping the base of the penis in touch with the clitoris. You can use your thumb to press the hood of the clitoris and move it left and right while you keep thrusting inside the vagina. You have to remember that the most sensitive part of the vagina is the outer one third and this is why there s no use thrusting hard in the vagina. Maintain the frequency and the rhythm and see your partner groaning and moaning.

Double the pleasure

One of the best ways to bring your woman to multiple orgasms by doubling her pleasure is to combine the stimulation of her G-spot and her clitoris. You can make use of different methods and techniques to enhance the pleasure of your partner. However, you have to keep in mind the taste and feelings of your partner.

Have some patience while trying out different techniques with your partner as it may take some time for your partner to achieve her first multiple orgasm. But it is easier to make your girl achieve it frequently once she has been sufficiently aroused after her first orgasm.

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