Antonia Spanish, Escort in Auckland

Antonia Spanish


Follow some basic guidelines to keep 'em coming soldier!

Let her have it first

Females generally take a lot longer to get aroused compared to men. So let her come first! Endurance is key! Centre your attention around the her clitoris and make good use of foreplay before the climax. The clitoris is the key that will unlock her multiples, as is the most sensitive part of her body.

Understand her arousal patterns

I understand that sometimes your time in the bedroom with someone may be limited, or it may be a new sexual playmate or someone you are just getting to know sexually.  This is why i suggest, closely monitoring her every moan, grunt and murmur. The aim of this learning process is to get you certified in knowing what (insert name here) she likes to make her come more than just once.

Try different things

Trying different sexual gestures will facilitate your learning! From kissing, to stroking, to flicking and rubbing and poking. Change positions and techniques! Before you know it you will be able to create a endless build up to one incredible peak!

Make it about her

Remember that it is about her and and her pleasure. Pay no attention to time, your patience will have multiple pays offs. If you rush her, she won't feel relax or comfortable and most likely not even reach one orgasm let alone multiples. So if you're having a quickie in a downtown bathroom cubicle during your lunch break, don't even bother trying the above, you will not bring her to multiples and you might be late for work!

See not so multiplex!

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