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Antonia Spanish


You can be a bundle of nerves going to bed with a woman for the first time even if you are an experienced man. If the girl happens to be an escort that you have found out through JustGirls, this is all the more evident as you do and say things that you normally do not during first time sex with girls.

Be patient and take your time

Most of the boys tend to think that girls are ready to go to bed by their third date. However, this is just false as all girls are different. You may be surprised when a girl seems to be ready to go to bed with you on very first date but it all depends upon the chemistry that develops between the two of you. There are girls who may not be ready even after 8 dates. So just be a little patient and read into what she says and does. You will get the hint from her when she is ready to go to bed with you. You can prepare for the next step when you find her creating privacy for the two of you.

If you hurry, you can ruin it

Even after getting signals from the girl, do not make the mistake of rushing things. Do not show your impatience to jump into bed with her. Instead, let her feel that you are thankful to her and want to become more intimate with her by planting kisses all over her. Let her not get the impression that it is only sex that you want from her. However, you can make your kisses more intimate by increasing the duration and moving over to her neck and shoulder.

Tease her

You may have found the girl from an escort directory but she is a normal girl like others. You can increase her arousal by touching and kissing her body parts such as breasts, thighs, midriff, and buttocks. Extend the smooching session to about 15 minutes to explore these sensitive areas of her body. Your hand and lip movements over her body will make her aroused and bring pleasure to her erogenous zones. She will become ready for action in between her thighs and wait for you to take control.

Make use of your lips and tongue

There are many girls who achieve their orgasms only when their genitals are kissed and licked by their men while an overwhelming majority likes to be sucked in this manner to become aroused. Move down below the navel only if you are getting encouragement from her. Initially just lick around the clitoris deliberately avoiding it. Let her become aroused before you can start serving the lips of her clitoris. Kissing her inner things close to her labia makes her anticipate your next move.

The Center-piece

If you feel she is ready to take you on, you can move to initiate the main event. Remember, fist time sex with a girl is certainly not the time to impress her with your knowledge of all the complex Kama Sutra poses. Let her enjoy in positions that she is familiar and comfortable with. Do not forget that your partner will reach an orgasm only if you have provided enough stimulation to her clitoris. Give some time to her clitoris by kissing and stroking the sweet spot before forcing yourself upon her. It does not matter if you last for an hour as the girl is more interested in quality sex. 10-20 minutes of high quality intercourse should be sufficient for the girl to be fully satisfied.

After-sex Manners

If you have special feelings for the girl, you can show them by remaining in an embrace with her even after the two of you have achieved your respective orgasms. Holding her hands and talking to her for some time can give her enough hints that you are not just interested in sex with her. If she gets attention from you after sex, she becomes convinced that you are interested in her. You can impress her by making a phone call a day after sexual intercourse. This makes her feel that you still want her and she will appreciate this fact.

It is not just you who analyzes your performance after the act. The girls will do it too. She will evaluate you if you have the potential in you to have a longer relationship with you. If you make good use of the tips provided in this article, you increase your chances of getting the girl to bed frequently.

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