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Blinded by mixed feelings of surprise and anger, they go to several lengths to track down the escorts their partners visit. They resort to incessant calling, texting and confronting them about their man, seeking revenge, gaining useful information or just looking for any reason.

Escorts sometimes find themselves in an ugly, middle position in a private issue that is not theirs to take care of. After all it’s their profession. They aren’t home wreckers as they are labelled. Their job is to offer company to clients who seek their services. Time and again they still have to deal with jealous partners. When such situations occur, keep in mind the following to get a hold on situations involving a client’s partner:

Don’t answer unknown phone calls

Clients usually leave messages, texts or emails before direct contact. It’s a faster way to test the waters for time-wasters which includes spouses or partners of clients. Always listen to voicemails before returning a call. Carry out a reverse look-up on unknown numbers. Being smart is the key.

There’s no use communicating with people who aren’t potential clients.

Be Professional

Even if you recognize the number to be of one of your regular’s, don’t be tempted to greet the caller in a sexy manner. A spouse or a family member of your client could be using their phone to call your number to investigate his communications. If you answer in a legitimate manner, it decreases suspicion.

Always cover your tracks.

There’s no room for a communication gap

Clients aren’t always aware when their significant others have started suspecting, so inform the client that you’ve been contacted by his partner to avoid trouble. Help him to concoct a solid cover story. Several issues can be dealt with if approached realistically.

Deny everything

If you are unexpectedly approached by your client’s partner deny any allegation of a relationship. Insist upon the fact that you hardly know him and were working with him for a consultation or anything else that doesn’t sound suspicious. Also refuse to admit any sexual relations or intimacy. Denial might not be effective, but stalls a present delicate situation from blowing out of proportion.

The Cover-up

Using the cover story, explain your relationship with your client to the partner. You should use a pseudo career when you are stressed upon by a partner to spill the details.

Let your client do the dirty work

When you are contacted by a bitter spouse, refer him or her back to your client. Don’t divulge any details about your level of acquaintance with him. The discovery of the client’s indiscretion involving you is not your fault. And, you must never get between a client’s problems with his partner.

Don't open any form of communication

You must not respond to any texts, calls, or emails. Set up call blocking on your phone or through an app so that they are not let through. Also, filter your email so that you never even see such undesirable messages.

You can also intimidate a jealous spouse with harassment charge

Most partners do not want to get into matters that involve the police. They only want to either call you or follow you around just to get on your nerves as a part of their passive-aggressive strategy to seek vengeance. You must not allow yourself to become a victim of unnecessary attention from a jealous partner. Let the partner know that you have kept a record of each and every communication they have had with you and also keep a cautious record of how much you have been followed around.

If it seems necessary let your stalker become aware of the fact that you possess plenty of information to move ahead with that could seriously cause her trouble with the law. After such threats, most berserk partners usually back off, once they are threatened with the fact that you would actually go to the police over such harassment allegations.

Do not get into physical confrontations with partners

The last thing you would want would be to get involved in some catfight with the jealous partner over the client. In any case you do not need him for anything else that is more than a casual encounter or two now and then.

But the partner is blinded by her flawed thinking, concludes, incorrectly so that you’re in fact trying to drive him away from her and so she decides to fight for it. If you and the partner happen to meet up close, violence is bound to go off. If the partner has been hurt a lot, weapons could also enter, which could causes a much more serious situation. Do everything you can to avoid the neighbourhood of the spouse.

You are not the problem

You need to tell the partner that as an escort, you are not the problem between her and your client. Suggest her that you were casually picked from a long list of escorts by your client. Also, challenge your client’s partner to think rationally if in actuality you were the real cause of their break-up, or if something else were going on. Recommend the partner to instead concentrate on the issues that caused your client to have to approach you, instead of cementing her bonds with him.

Encourage her to examine the relationship, and that it was not in the best shape, with your involvement or without it. Most partners of clients will start to slowly understand that an escort is not a malicious woman who drove their husbands away from them; actually, they may come to realize that an escort happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, by getting involved in something that was not in her own control.

Reduce client visits

Tell your client that you don’t wish to see him any longer. If his wife or partner is actually making life problematic for you, without thinking twice remove him from your client list. When a spouse is being angry over your involvement with a married man, it’s best to lose the client in order to waive any imminent problems with the spouse.

The client might be perfectly good, but there are many other escorts he can see if he continues to involve himself in the pleasures from this industry. It will also help you to be free from a problematic client who can’t be discreet. If he is careless that his wife easily gets a whiff of things that have been going on, then there is absolutely no limit to the amount of people that might know about such a state of affairs.

Teach your client about keeping things discreet

When a client is unable to be discreet enough, that he cannot hide his association with you from his partner then you must teach him a bit about hiding his texts and emails and other information on his mobile phone and laptop.

Tell him to schedule meetings at a particular time that he can make up easy lies regarding his whereabouts. Insist him to not change anything about himself, after he sees you. Tell him that he needs to be steady in his personality and also in his style of dressing up since this is one of the first things a woman notices about her man.

In most cases, an escort gets calls from a jealous partner. And other times, she can get a little out of hand and even follows the escort. It might be creepy but it is actually harmless. It is better for the escort to avoid getting involved in the personal life of a client even if a partner or spouse is seemingly a potential threat or not. It is not a place for you to be present in.

You must dodge every pressure of getting involved, coming to the rescue of your client, or being a part and parcel in helping him save face. You must know that the finest bit of advice you can provide your client is to do the best that he can to evade such a situation occurring.

It is true that being discreet is the only key to a positive fully functioning relationship between a client and an escort. The moment unwanted third parties like spouses get overly involved in the dynamics of such an arrangement; nothing ever remains the same.

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