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Think it through – be emotionally and physically prepared before you go ahead

If you think a career as an escort might suit you here are some things to think about - Think it through.

For example, consider your answers to the following questions:

  1. Is the idea of providing sexual company for others and being paid for it appealing?
  2. Will I be able to handle the job on an emotional level?
  3. Can I commit to this activity as a source of income that I may rely on?
  4. Will I tell my family and friends? How will not telling the people closest to me, how I earn my money affect me?
  5. Am I in it for the money or the fun?


As with every career, certain personalities cope better than others. While there isn’t a psychometric test to see if you have what it takes to be an escort, you can still determine the answer from your own disposition toward sex. Being an escort tends to arise as either a vocation or through desperation, with most people being sexually independent, single, and living on their own. In order to manage your emotions, you will have to become good at separating your professional and personal lives.

The two main factors escorts say ultimately leads to money in this biz are:

  • Charm – Beauty, personality, talents and skills, je ne sais quoi.
  • Emotional sensitivity – Being able to read and pick up on what your clients need and to connect with them in the right way. Some people have a real knack for this. Being sensitive can be a drawback though, as you can become easily drained and overworked.

Determine your limitations

In order to maintain being an escort as a professional career, you need to honestly determine your limitations regarding:

What sexual acts or otherwise you are willing to perform.

e.g. Are you willing to have sex without a condom? Are you comfortable with anal penetration or group sex?

Set boundaries in your relationships with clients.

You may need to separate acts that are intimate from those that are purely sexual. You will also need to decide what you are willing to do with your clients. This will depend on what you are comfortable with (don’t let the client tell you otherwise), and your personal report with individual clients.

Do you want to work on your own, or through an escort agency? Each choice has its benefits and drawbacks.

As an independent escort, you get to keep all the money you earn, which great, but you have no health benefits, no protection (unless you fork out for it), you have to work harder to get yourself out there and build up a client base. If you work for an agency, they take a cut, but they offer you a platform on which to advertise your services and get clients. Agencies also provide protection for their escorts, screen clients and make sure that someone knows where each escort is and with which client.

Do you want to work full or part time?

This is quite important, particularly if you are considering becoming an escort long term. Escorts are similar to athletes, they use their bodies as a means of providing a service or entertainment. Like athletes, escorts need to take care to maintain their physique as well as allowing their bodies time to recover and rest. Many long term escorts are actually part time escorts who maintain good relationships with a few clients and use the money they earn to supplement their income. However, if you do work full time, you will earn more money by seeing more clients, however, the more clients you see, the higher risk you are at for disease and assault. Then again, seeing more clients means more variety and you are less likely to form a romantic relationship with a client.


Where do you stand? Are you in one? Will you tell your partner and how will you balance your romantic relationship with your work? If you want to keep your job to yourself remember being an escort can bear down on you emotionally, and not being able to talk about it can make you feel lonely and isolated. Just think about how often your friends talk about their work and how their jibs shape them. This is another reason to pursue escorting part time, having another job provides good cover, income, something talk about and a break away from your clients. Escorting aside, many people are adopting to have two part time jobs instead of one full time job as it affords one an easier, more flexible lifestyle. If you do have another job, is it compatible with being an escort? Does it afford you the time and space you need to meet your escorting duties and can you balance the two, or make them work synergistically?

You may want to seek out a therapist to talk about your experiences in a safe and private space. Alternatively, if you don’t like the idea of getting your head shrunk, the escort blogosphere is booming. Get out there and write some thoughts down or take the opportunity to connect anonymously with and get advice from your peers.

“ MAKE BETWEEN $1500 to $4000 PER WEEK ”

Benefits of being an escort

Every job has it perks, these are some of the perks of being an escort:

  • Reasonable money
  • Flexible hours
  • Dating/sexing with no strings attached
  • You are paid to look your best, your sexiest and be pampered
  • It might help boost your confidence about your body and sexuality
  • You may feel empowered
  • You may feel contentment in providing people with intimacy.

Safety first!

No matter what, you determine what happens to your body, not your boss, not your client.

Be careful out there, getting down with strangers can be dangerous. some people are pigs. Make sure to screen your clients first.

One of the most important aspects of your safety is your privacy. There are a few important measures you can take in order to protect your privacy in the escort industry.

Make sure someone has your back in case a client won’t pay or gets out of hand. And that someone knows who you are seeing, when and where, and where to find you afterwards. If things are going a way you don’t feel comfortable with, say so. Try to let the client down in an amicable manner and avoid an upset. Remember, you’re a professional with a reputation. Checked screened for STDs regularly and take proper birth control precautions.

Keep healthy. Your body is your income, keep it in good nick and well groomed.

Be discrete about money, it should never transfer actual hands. The money for the services is normally called a donation and should be placed somewhere discreetly inside the hotel room. It is becoming increasingly necessary to accommodate electronic payments. There are several apps on your phone that you can use to transfer money safely online such as PayPal, Square and Payment Pebble.

Make sure that you do not take or receive any money directly from the client. If it is a cash transaction, tell the client beforehand where they should place it and you can collect it after the session. Use coded language to disguise your services. Common acronyms and phrases include: BBBJ (oral sex without a condom), CBJ (oral sex with a condom). GFE (girlfriend experience, implying an experience that is more intimate and personal than usual.

Money Management

A lot of people have the impression that being an escort is easy money. In reality the pay is reasonable to good. It’s the super high-end escorts that make the big bucks, the gents and ladies at the top of the escort pyramid that service millionaires and politicians.

Tips for giving that buck more bang:

Advertise with

Whether you’re an independent or agency escort, having an internet profile is essential these days. The fastest, safest, most anonymous way to reach out to potential customers is to build a banging online profile and personality that will entice potential clients and give you a good reputation.


This is a tough one. Some agencies have set rates, but in other cases you can determine how much your time and company are worth. How do you price your services? Start by being realistic, you might be a skilled hottie, but you can’t go pricing yourself out of the market. If you have an online profile where you post your services, be aware that you should avoid lowering your prices once you post them. Dropping your fee is like dropping your personal value, it may be perceived as showing desperation or perhaps that you aren’t very good. At the start you should price your services at about $180, increasing your price over time as you gain experience and reputation.

Create a budget

Don’t let all that money coming in overwhelm you. Just like any other earner out there, you need to create a budget to manage, maintain and save. No matter if you are in the game to pay off fees and debts or for love, or a steady pay check, a budget is an absolute must.

Divvy up your earnings

According to the following:

  • Appearance – Gym, yoga, hair, nails, tan, outfits
  • Expenses – Rent, insurance, bills etc.
  • Savings – Try to aim to save 30 % of your income
  • Advertising – Agency fees, blogging, advertising, keeping up-to-date

Stash the cash

Be cautious about how you handle your money. You want to avoid raising any flags. You might want to have a cover job or open up a company under your name through which to manage your money. If you don’t trust the bank, keep that money in a safe, secret place that no one knows about. It is unwise to keep a large sum of money in your home. Store it elsewhere, in a place you will be able to access immediately if necessary. Alternatively you can manage payments online using PayPal and Bitcoin.

Banking info

In this line of business it’s best to avoid drawing attention to where your money comes from:

  • Keep deposits under $10,000. Even monetary gifts are taxed.
  • Don’t deposit a large sum over a short period by dividing it up into smaller lumps. It doesn’t work.
  • Avoid an interest bearing account. This is a stickler, because most accounts are interest bearing and you of course want you’re your money to accrue interest. Interest bearing accounts have to report the interest earned to the revenue services. Financial institutions are a safer bet than banks.


  • Avoid a careless habit with banking and developing a regular routine that is easy to follow.
  • Set up accounts at multiple banks. Banks do not communicate with one another and this allows you to make smaller deposits more frequently.
  • Deposit different amounts each time.
  • Mix it up between deposit types, cash, cheque, internet transfer etc.
  • Look like the amount of money your accounts reflect.
  • Find banks that have ATMs that will immediately deposit your cash.
  • Lastly, remember that while it’s a job, and every job can become mundane, you should allow yourself to enjoy what you do and have fun.

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