Antonia Spanish, Escort in Auckland

Antonia Spanish


With these simple tips, you can make your sexual experience both more enjoyable and memorable for you and your partner, and have her coming back for more.

1. Respect

This might seem obvious, but lots of men forget that the girl they’re with is their sexual partner, not just some booty call. It doesn’t matter if she insists she likes it that way, showing appreciation and respect will go a long way. This is especially true if you compliment her body and boost her confidence; just don’t overdo it, as she might think you're lying or making fun of her.

2. Never brag

Men like to talk about their conquests and skills. Never brag about how many women you’ve been with or what a stud you are. This is an instant turn-off, or can cause her to expect too much from you and be disappointed. If you’re as good as you think, then your sexual performance is all you’ll need to make her come back for more.

3. Foreplay

Foreplay may seem like an unnecessary waste of time but it’s not! Girls like it, and it’s an important way to stimulate a girl’s body and get her wanting more.It’s also a great opportunity to find those special spots that will make her gasp with pleasure.

4. A partnership

It’s always tricky to deciding how much you need to control the situation during sex. What’s important is to create a push and pull relationship. This is not some sex move; it’s a way of making sure that you’re both equally invested inhaving a pleasurable time. As a man you might want to take over and do all the work, but it’s important when being with a girl to let her have a go at setting the pace and choosing the positions. Who knows, maybe she’ll teach you something new and exciting.

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