Antonia Spanish, Escort in Auckland

Antonia Spanish


Escorts don't sell sex, they provide company. They don't talk about sex and neither should you. Be a gentleman and leave money on the dresser or kitchen counter. Remember to respect her, she's like every other woman!

R.E.S.P.E.C.T thats what it means to me!

Be respectful from the get-go as you would do in any business venture! If a Just Girl, has to deal with any unpleasant, no-shows or mucking-abouts, it simply makes the experience more expensive and less enjoyable for both parties.  It's likely that she'll project how you treat her, by how she treats you! She's a woman!

Treat her like a lady!

Discussing adult services can be quite graceless! You need to get one thing pretty embedded in your mind, which is that escorts don't sell sex, in fact if you ask for it, chances are that your experience might lack enjoyment.

Rule #1, never ask her how much it's going to cost you to have sex with her.

Rule #2, treat her like you would treat any other woman. Do your part, make her feel comfortable enough to be able to trust you

Rule #3, leave her donation for her time on her dresser or somewhere she can easily find it, without you handing it to her. You already know how much her rate is, so don't even bring it up!

Rule #4, don't talk about sex! Full stop!

Rule #5, don't be rude or mean, or high on drugs, drunk or try rip her off. The nature of your escort relationship is similar to any type of human companionship. If you piss her off, chances are that she'll never see you again or even worse, list her experience with you on the internet which warns other escorts about your unruly behavior.

Just think of it as any other date! Have fun, be cool, calm and collected!

Have fun!

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