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Escort Etiquette - Complete Guide

Introductory Conversation

Once a meet-up has been arranged. Start with a bit of conversation to make things a bit more comfortable. Every girl appreciates some pre-sex attention. If this is your first time being with an escort, you should definitely consider these points

a)    Don’t jump into conversations about sex or sexual matters straight away.
b)    Discussions about services should be kept clean.
c)    Avoid discussing body parts in initial conversation.
d)    Never negotiate rates with girl.


Sanitaization is a two way street! When you have an appointment you should not only expect your call girl to look clean, fresh and sexy but the same applies to you. Before appearing for service you should have showered, shaved, brushed your teeth and most importantly groomed and cleaned your intimate parts. As poor hygiene is highly avoided in the sex industry and may make the experience less enjoyable for both parties.


If you are meeting out for dinner with your call girl then business casual is fine. But if you have made special arrangements than you may ask her how would she like to see you. She will be happy to suggest her preferences. She may also ask you about your choice of dress and what you would like to see her in. Rather than using slutty words you may suggest she wears something sexy or whatever she feels comfortable in.

Upon your arrival (In call)

If you are visiting a girl at her apartment or any at a private room , you should arrive on time. Never arrive late, as your lady may have to reschedule your time due to her other schedules with other clients. Also never visit her too early as she may be getting ready for you. As you know women always wants to look beautiful when meeting someone.

Also never forget that it is you who is visiting her at her place so avoid looking up on her things like opening cabinets or drawers etc, when she is away or in the bathroom. It is highly encouraged that you should behave like you are a guest. Moreover please ask her about parking your vehicle as she may have some discrete parking location to avoid grabbing attention of people.

When she arrives (Outcall)

If she is visiting you at your apartment or a hotel of your choice then you should provide her with details such as room number, floor, elevator location, entrance of hotel, and where she can park her car.

You may hug her or give her a small kiss once she enters your room. Don’t start touching her or remove her cloths right at the moment she walks in your room. She might need few moments to get relaxed and get comfortable with you if you are new to her. Please always have arrangements of water in your room even if you have other drinks to offer. As you know that physical workout during sex leads to dehydration. Always offer a sealed bottle of water so that she may not doubt you on mixing some drugs in bottle.

Payment aka 'Dontations'

Every agency or call girl has a specific method of receiving payment. If you have no idea on how your girl would like to be paid, then you should ask her before her visit. Most of the times you will be asked to leave the payments on side table in an unsealed envelope. Else you can also use electronic methods if this is what is preferred. Always avoid discussing payments during your services unless you are extending it.

Your Partner

Always visualize your escort as a human and not like a sex toy. You are paying for her services but that does not mean that you master her or you have got a right to treat her differently to any other woman. Always remember that call girls are after all human beings with heart, emotions and self respect and they always expect a respectful attitude from their clients towards them.

During service always avoid asking for personal questions like asking for her real name, her personal life, about her boyfriend or if she is happy doing this business. Such questions may disturb her which may reflect on your service with her. Rather try to get more involved with her to make your experience more fun by asking her about her favorite movies, favorite sport or dance moves etc.

Getting Comfortable

Once you have spent some time together to get comfortable with each other before getting intimate, she may tell you that its time to get comfortable or cozy which means that she is inviting you to get undressed. Else you may also start getting intimate by kissing her to give her a sign that you want her now as she may be waiting for your sign to get started. Don’t hesitate to mention if this is your first time so that she will not wait for your sign and get you in action in her own way.

Tipping or Gifts

Tipping or presenting gifts is always considered as a warm gesture, but it is not obligatory. As you may be aware of the fact that some call girls have to share as much as 50% of their service fee with their agency. So if you really like the way she executed her service to satisfy you and you feel like she deserves more, then you can reward her by tipping or presenting her with a gift.

But in this case always avoid giving huge gifts like a bouquet or statue, whether you are visiting her or she is visiting you as that may grab attention of people even when you are taking it to her apartment for her or making her walk with your gift out of your hotel room or apartment.

Agency Vs Independent

There are few differences in booking a girl from agency or booking an independent escort. You should be aware of the fact that at agencies girls are available with ready to go attitude at any moment of time as they are used to serve clients on short notice. But if you are hiring an independent girl then you have to make your bookings in advance as they may have to make arrangements. Never expect their availability on short notice. So if you are in rush of getting a service then always contact an agency but if you have time then you may book an independent girl.


As you respect your own privacy and discretion to be maintained on any booking you are making then you are also expected to maintain the privacy of the escort. You should not take photographs or make videos without the permission of the call girl. In some cases girls allow filming but in most of the cases they do not. So if you are about to ask for a photo shoot or video, then get ready to hear a big No!! As photo’s or filming is illegal without permission.

On completion of Service or Appointment

Once the appointment is over then you may write an email to her or her agency about your satisfactory experience with her. So that your doors stay open to book the same girl again if you liked her services. But if in any case you have not got satisfactory services then there is no need to write any email or message. Yes, if you had faced a problem with the girl then you may let her or her agency know about it politely.

There may be a case that you are willing to book the same girl again but for whatever reason she may have not enjoyed her experience with you, so may deny you for future bookings in this case. Being an adult you are expected to understand that if you have all the independence to choose a call girl then she has the independence on choosing her clients as well.

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