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It is the male prostate that gives the name to this spot that is called the P-spot. Some others still prefer the name G-spot for this male spot. There may be many who feel repulsed by the idea of a male G-spot but if you are lucky, you can find a new way to have the kind of orgasm that you have never experienced before. If you can find your G-spot, you can do a lot of new things in your sex life.

The location of the P-spot

It is quite easy to find the G or P spot of a man though it requires a little patience to get to it. The best position to find it in your body is to lie down on your back and you have to do it on a sofa or a bed. You have to keep your legs in air upwards that becomes easy when you give them support against a wall or when you put them over the back of the sofa set. If you are still not able to get your hand down there, you can raise your back by placing a fluffy pillow underneath. Now that you are fully comfortable, start by massaging the area around your anus.

Most men find it pleasing when their perineum is rubbed softly. You can explore the area surrounding anus and gently slip your index finger inside. Repeat this procedure and increase the pressure slightly with every attempt to insert the finger inside. Keep it gentle and just probe inside till you are able to find your G-spot that lies nearly 2 inches inside anus and is the size of chestnut.

Stimulating your G-spot

Though you may have found your G-spot, it is important to remember that your comfort is paramount when trying to stimulate it. Take a shower and relax to make yourself comfortable before starting the procedure to stimulate your G-spot. You can even experiment with enema to feel comfortable. Remember, if it is for the first time that you are inserting something inside your anus, your index finger is sufficient and you do not need any other object to do probing. However, lubricate your anus with a cream or oil well before inserting your finger to make it all very comfortable.

You will need to use the trial and error method before finding out what is best for getting your G-spot stimulated. Many people find it easier with backs raised while lying on a bed to touch their prostate. You can use different techniques to stimulate your G-spot depending upon your liking. Change your position to find out the movement that brings more pleasing sensations inside your anus. Let your body react to the movements you make with your finger inside your anus. You can take your time as you are searching for an orgasm. Do not lose heart if you are not able to stimulate your G-spot in your first attempt as you always explore inside the anus any number of times before you hit the G-spot.

You must not feel any shame or guilt when trying to stimulate your G-spot as this action does not make you gay. Instead, you are able to find a new way to bring orgasm for yourself without even touching your penis. Other important things to know while trying out G-spot exploration are as follows.

Use just your finger in the beginning

Though you can do it yourself to get all the pleasure after finding the G-spot, there are many escorts in Auckland who do it happily for their clients. This is all the more exciting for many women as they see their partners getting so powerful orgasms without actually making use of their tool. You can double your pleasure if you can get your girl to give a blowjob while at the same time trying to stimulate your G-spot. This becomes easy if you sit on a sofa with your hands behind the back of the sofa. Spread your legs apart to allow your girl to hold your tool in her mouth while being able to insert her finger inside your anus to stimulate your G-spot.

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exploding orgasmExploding Orgasm
biggest orgasm everBiggest Ejaculation Ever

Reviving rim job

Most nzescorts now know what a rim job is and you need not explain it to the girl who comes from JustGirls to become your companion. If there was a time when girls did not know a thing about rim job, you need not worry about it anymore. In fact, you would be surprised how pleasurable it is for the two of your to explore the rim around the anus when both of you are fresh after a bath. It is a fantastic experience that you will love and enjoy a lot. You can enhance her pleasure while performing the rim job for her if you can also work on her clitoris at the same time. Similarly, she can bring you to a very powerful orgasm if she can give a blowjob while carrying out the rim job.

Using sex toys

There are many sex toys available in the market. The ones especially designed for enhancing anal pleasure along with regular sexual intercourse are labeled as butt plugs. You can buy butt plugs according to the shape and size that fits your anal hole easily. There are even toys that help in prostate massage. Contract your own pelvic muscles to have a wonderful experience while engaging in sexual intercourse. This is a good way to massage your prostrate and have an incredible feeling during sex.

Using lubricants

Using lubricant is a must when exploring your anus. This is because there is no release of natural lubricant and it allows for easy insertion of fingers of your girl. The market is full of anal lubricants and you can choose depending upon one that does not cause any sensitivity in your anal hole.

Reading this article may not have been pleasurable experience for many readers as they are repulsed by the idea of exploring their anus. But those who have tried and experimented with probing of G-spot have found it to be an incredible experience leading to multiple orgasms that are more powerful than natural orgasms through ejaculation.

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