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Antonia Spanish


Check the address you have been given and verify that the home or hotel actually exists. This will let you steer clear of being the victim of a practical joke or prank, saving you gas and unnecessary hours of wait time.

Under any circumstances whatsoever, it is advisable to NOT rely on your dates for your transportation to and/or from your appointments. Having an unreliable (and maybe even untrustworthy) stranger pick you up can be dangerous in and of itself and, if things don't work out or the chemistry isn't there, you wouldn't want to depend on him to bring you home. Keep yourself safe and arrange your own transportation with a personal vehicle or a trusted friend.

In order to keep yourself safe, outcall appointments should always be conducted only after you have advised someone of where you are going to be or if you use a driver aware of your location and time of pickup. Never agree to go anywhere on short notice without first taking the necessary precautions.

There are some characteristics to be looked out for that could save you down the road. Do not book calls with any clients who insist for you to NOT use a driver or taxi. On that same note, avoid clients who are asking for any sort of "car date."

Outcall appointments are typically safer in an upscale hotel, not in someone's home or a flea-and-bed ridden motel. If the punter is at a hotel and you have been instructed to meet them up at their room, ask for their real name and room number. Before your designated meeting, call the hotel desk and ask for the client by his real name in order to verify that he is a registered guest. If the hotel doesn't have his name registered, he's not checked in yet, or he gave you a fake name - forget it. This is a red flag and to be avoided.

Arriving to an Outcall

Always be sober and extremely aware or in tune with your surroundings. If you are headed to a client's private home, drive by the house first in order to check for signs that may suggest something is not right. Avoid the following tell tale indicators of a shady time:

  • the house is dark, empty or abandoned
  • there are several cars in the driveway (indicating there are others there)
  • you can hear loud music or noises coming from the house
  • there is more than one person in or around the house
  • men are sitting in cars parked near the house

These signs are not limited to what was listed there. If, at any time, you feel something is wrong, gauge your gut feeling. Call the client on your phone and discuss your concerns. If you don't get answers which satisfy you, cancel the booking. Do this while you are safe and sound in your car, not at the door or inside of their place.

Keep on your person only the bare essentials. Have your purse contain only what you are in need of immediately, no personal IDs or real information about yourself. Keep mail, cash, bills, check books, credit cards, and bank deposit slips at your own place. The unfortunate truth is that there are some bad clients who engage in "stalker mode" and seek to obtain your real information, address, or private phone number.

Even if you are not using a driver, let the client know or give off the impression that there is someone waiting outside for you at all times. At the start of the booking, call someone (even if it's your own answering machine) -- this will let the client know that someone else is aware of where you are and that your whereabouts are able to be traced.

No matter what the situation, your number one priority and concern should always be your personal safety. Do not let anything be sacrificed in an attempt to make your client more comfortable. Remember that, ultimately, you are the one providing a service they sought you out for.

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