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Antonia Spanish


Following a few tips will make it easy to get a girl using the nice guy approach.

Be Friendly

Being friendly might seem like an obvious tip, but it’s the most important way to use the nice guy method to attract a girl. Greet her casually and make sure not to invade her personal space; if she likes you, she’ll move closer herself. Say something funny, as this helps to break the tension and makes a girl lower her guard; just don’t say anything rude as this will make her see through your nice guy demeanour immediately.

Be Confident

Being confident is a must, but you mustn’t overdo it, and never act shy or drawn back. Always keep an open mind and even if you don’t feel so sure of yourself, don’t show it. Act like you’re completely relaxed in the situation, no matter if it’s sitting beside her at the bar, at a friend’s party or meeting her down a dark alleyway (the last one is not recommended); being confident will help her to be confident and relaxed herself.

Be Manly

You might think that being a nice guy means that you have to act a little girly at times. This is another misconception. Girls like guys that show a little sensitivity, but they prefer you to act like a man. Also, it’s good to show a little old-style charm, such as opening the door for her or pulling out her chair before she sits down. Just be careful not to take this too far as this can often slow down interactions and make her get bored or irritated, especially if you refuse to let her get out of the car until you’ve opened the door for her.

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