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Antonia Spanish


A playboy is usually a wealthy man who seeks personal gratification wherever he can find it. Sexually promiscuous, a socialite and a natural adventurer, the average playboy possesses an air of mystique and loveable roguery that others simply do not.

But exactly why do some women find these guys so attractive. Typically, playboys don’t want to settle down anytime soon, and they certainly aren’t too worried about the feelings of the women they date? Although this issue is a complex one, there are seven very powerful reasons why some ladies just love a playboy.

1. The Thrill of the Chase

The average playboy is someone who has his pick of attractive women. He is committed to bedding as many women as he possibly can, and he doesn’t have any plans to settle down anytime soon. As a result, tying such a man down — or simply attracting his attention — is often seen by women as an exciting challenge. The sense of achievement after having snared a playboy is, of course, a major factor, but the the thrill usually comes from the chase. Many women feel the need to turn a serial womanizer into a settled, loving and committed man, which is why they keep going back for more after each heartbreak.

2. Amazing Sex

Let’s face it: one of the main reasons why men become playboys is to have as much sex as possible. And with practice comes perfection. These women-loving fuckboys have had lots of sex, so they’ve picked up a few exciting techniques and methods over the years. Sex with a playboy can be electric, which is why many women temporarily forget about the downsides of such a relationship. While the long-term fall-out often involves heartbreak and disappointment, a great night of bedroom-based action makes the pain worth it.

3. The Unknown

Some women hate predictability in their relationships, which is why they turn to playboys. These guys don’t like to make too many plans; in fact, they often have no idea who they’ll be sleeping with from one night to the next. Perhaps a playboy will be making love in Milan at the beginning of the week, only to end the week enjoying the company of several women in Bangkok. A lot of ladies love this type of uncertainty — it’s exciting and adventurous, and that can be an alluring prospect to a woman who has recently left a predictable relationship.

4. No Commitment Required

There is a common misconception that most women of a certain age want to settle down with the right guy. In fact, a lot of women cherish their independence and privacy; they see playboys as the perfect guys for temporary, no-strings-attached fun and frolics. A relationship with a playboy can last only a few hours, but they can be some of the most exciting hours in a young woman’s life!

5. The Finer Things in Life

Being an international playboy requires lots of cash, as the lifestyle involves partying, international travel and luxury. A lot of women don’t hide the fact that they are attracted to playboys because of the lifestyle on offer. Fancy yachts, luxurious penthouse suites and global travel are just some of the things that are part of the playboy dividend. While these relationships are usually temporary, they are looked upon by women as an adventure — providing a brief insight into how the rich and powerful live.

6. Rebellion

A lot of young women want to rebel after a particularly strict or structured upbringing — and the most exciting way to do this is to date a “bad boy” with cash to burn and an exciting lifestyle. A playboy is viewed as a passport to a completely different life. In order to make a point to over-protective or overbearing parents, these ladies turn to playboys as a form of rebellion.

7. The Need for Attention

The average playboy likes to play the field when it comes to dating. However, in many cases the guy will bend over backwards to impress his latest squeeze. As a result, the lady is treated like a princess — albeit for a very limited time. A playboy often goes over the top with displays of affection, and this can be an intoxicating experience for a young, relatively inexperienced woman. All too often, however, the attention from a playboy dries up very quickly, and the search for a replacement begins almost immediately.

Some women love the excitement, adventure and unpredictability that come with dating a playboy — and they’ll do whatever they can to make things happen.

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