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There would seem to be an indescribable allure to this fetish and the viewer figures are a testament to its' popularity. Hours can melt into days as you scroll through the endless pages of “casting” videos and the faces of despair burn your retina. The videos bring on an intense high, not dissimilar to Heroin and aptly enough, each high just falls short of the previous. Fortunately most online porn sites categorise or at least link related videos and so each hit is just a click away. By the time the novelty of the experience has worn off the addiction is well seated and before long you find yourself paying attention to some of the finer details of the video, and as the horror story goes: one hit and you're hooked.

What is not always stated at the start of the video is that there is no role for which the actress is auditioning. Instead, the audition is the video and the actress does not get paid for her work. Somehow this despicable abuse skirts the line of what is socially acceptable and the industry has made no real attempt to curb the fad. Apparently this continuing malpractice only adds to the fetish and armed with the knowledge, the videos bring on an intensely psychedelic euphoria. Somehow the actress no longer appears uncomfortable, her nervous laughs transform into grimaces of destitution and her eyes betray her existential nausea. Immediately your addiction cements and the duality of the video is all your mind will see. Some people claim there are 'things you can't un-see' but casting porn is something you don't want to “un-see”. Somewhere on the razor's edge of a rape or a con, casting porn allows viewers to convince themselves that their arousal is acceptable.

Pornography roles can be quick money for the actress and could provide a career and stable income in the long term. However if you are thinking of responding to an audition call for a porn role, I would suggest investigating the authenticity of the advertising company or person. If you are auditioning for a role in the porn industry, you do not have to have sex with the agent. Any agent who tells you different is undoubtedly one of these mud dwelling goblins. Unless you want to confront your Freudian subconscious, it is wise to avoid any suspicious casting calls or advances from the agents.

Author's note - There exists but another form of casting porn, certainly the Fentanyl of pornography. Backroom Casting porn, with an 'anal ambush', it is pretty obvious why there is little need to get into the details, but suffice to say, you do not want to become a 'painal' star.

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